21st Century Work Skills

Skill-based Learning in 10 Concentrations, 25 Full Classes and 91 Short Courses for Coaching


4 Concentrations — 10 Full Classes

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Leadership Foundations

Want stellar influence abilities? In a century of rapid change, leadership pays off over and over.

Explore the Foundations

Practical Work Motivation

There is one theory of motivation all leaders should know — one very practical to learn that allows one to predict what will happen next

12 Key Verbal Skills

Great leaders are great communicators — you can't have one without the other. Putting magic into words requires a fundamental understanding and practice. 

Transformational Leadership

This is the perfect leadership style for the 21st Century. After all, what could be more important than adapting to change?

Skill Mastery

3 Concentrations — 8 Full Classes

1. Map Skills To Work Roles

Flesh out the roles, the skills, the actions needed to prosper in the 21st century.

2. Skill-Based Learning 

The system is irrational — it expect you to learn, but it never taught you how. There is a theory to learning.

3. The Five Mastery Practices

There are four. Each is worth knowing; together they are really powerful. This Concentration gives you skills in four skills that build other skills faster.

DARE Short Courses

Dare To Be Great. Don't think average. Don't settle for being a consumer or an employee. Set yourself on the path to great things.

Digital Entrepreneurship

3 Concentrations — 9 Full Classes

Great Founders need to work a different business model: one with the foundation pillars focused laser-like on: opportunity, capability, and motivation.

Discover Digital Marketing

This is perfect for the working professional who wants to break into business or to upgrade a specific skill-set.

Digital entrepreneurship is about capitalizing on opportunity. It's about developing a network, a compelling personal brand, monetizing it while crafting a message you believe in — all with a modest amount of seed capital that doesn't require investors.


You use low-cost IT, AI, and a keen understanding of opportunity to harness the myriad of business models available on the Internet.

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