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About Legacee

The 21st Century is very different from the ones before this one. The rapid changes brought about by technological innovation, the pandemic, and rapidly evolving machine learning will force all of us to upgrade our skills.

Our Three Major 21st Century Skills

3 Major 21st Century Skill Sets
3 Major 21st Century Skill Sets. These are all complex skills requiring both study and practice

Key Learning Channels

Programs are delivered online or blended. We can deliver the content or you can license it.

Connect With Our Founder

“No GREAT DREAM, no GREAT VISION is ever achieved with your current inventory of expertise and skills. “ — Personal belief, Murray Johannsen

Legacee’s Founder: Murray Johannsen

For it’s my belief that we must get people and organizations focused on the future and building 21st Century Skills — now. So I focus primarily on 9 major spheres of influence.

I still enjoy EXECUTIVE COACHING, even though I have an organization to run. It’s a great way to learn from those who never stopped learning.

The Academy’s scope is broader. We focus on:

Digital Marketing (entrepreneurial and enterprise),
Leadership Skills, and
Skill Mastery (the skill of building skills)


Legacee has its headquarters in California, just outside of Los Angeles. That puts it close to world-class universities such as CalTech and UCLA. And it puts us in the center of a great deal of activity in digital marketing used by a wide variety of industries.


Work Skills For the 21st Century