Legacee Unique Assessments

Discover New Insights

In the old days, people used a crystal ball to gain insights into things unseen. Today, we have better tools and techniques to delve into what we do not know.

The Value of Assessments

It’s hard to know about yourself without having a point of reference. It’s like trying to describe your face without ever having a mirror. We believe we all need many such mirrors to uncover the truth about our natures.

Legacee has Two Unique Assessments.

The Core Five

There are five categories of skills you would be well served to learn if you want to rise to the top. This assessments defines that five key organizational competencies.

Meeting Effectiveness.  

The old saying, “Meetings are events in which minutes are kept and hours our lost,” rings true today. This assessment allows you to focus laser-like in the most important loss factors.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine areas for improvement in the way meetings are run. 

The Assessment Process

First Meeting— No Charge

Each person that goes through skills development is matched up with an advisor. Legacee has different advisors available including the organization’s founder Murray Johannsen.

The Assessment

This assessment is NOT done by setting by yourself marking boxes on a booklet or and clicking on-line. It is done together with an advisor so that questions can be asked and nuance discovered.


We believe that value comes with a debrief and the discussion when one looks at analyzing results.

Gap Analysis

Traditionally, we performed this on the basis of understanding the specific goals, BUT WE PREFER TO WORK TO THE VISION and goals of the client.

“Know Thyself” 

— Attributed to Pythagoras, Plutarch, Socrates, and Thales. Also the words found at the entrance of the most famous of the ancient Greek dream temples: The Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Work Skills For the 21st Century