Working Relationships With Individuals and Organizations

We enjoy working with other individuals and organizations to go after new opportunities. Do connect it you are interested.

For Corporations and Government Agencies

Corporate programs are customized. One size does not fit all.

We focus on the practical application of theory. This means it’s all about application and building skills.

Types of Programs

Individualized Coaching. Coaching is always customized. We focus on executives and high potentials.

Off The Shelf. These are typically run on a sign-up basis or sponsored by They are customized to the module.

Catalog. Once vetted, these programs are offered on a regular basis since they are skills needed by new hires, supervisors, team leaders, project managers, etc. to succeed in their new roles.

Corporate Academy. We license the content, you provide the instructors and coaches.

Earn Referral Income: Our Friends Network
Make a referral
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The opportunity to make a little extra cash is easy. Just send us an email or set up a meeting.

But first needs to sign-up to make it happen.

Skilled Coaches
Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Building

We have content. You have the skills. We have a number of different subjects — skills that the best organizations are looking for.

If you need online content that you can adapt to a particular client, we should talk.

Influencer Partnerships
an influencer with a camera
Image by: Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Our founder, Murray Johannsen in an influencer and works with other influencers — those with networks who wish to:

  • Grow out our networks. We work the professional channels liked Linkedin.
  • Run joint marketing efforts that monetize our networks for new income streams.
  • Work as affiliates if the business model is there.
Organizational Marketing Partners
The ebook between paper book. Image by Maximilian Schönherr

There are certain market niches that require consistent joint efforts over a period of time.

Commissions are higher than in the cases of referrals since marketing must be sustained and maintained.

Educational Partners

The Graz University Library Reading Room
The Graz University Library Reading Room

There are three reasons we should work together. Specifically to:

  • Reduce the time it takes to access a new market niche,
  • Overcome a lack of internal expertise, and
  • Development costs would break the budget.

We license content for full-term classes for your regular students, online materials for complete certificates, and content (visuals and exercises) for training.

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