"Few, very few students are able to learn digital marketing in college. I remember a business chair saying that he wanted good jobs for students; but then he refused to offer classes on digital marketing. At first I thought this was an outlier. But then I realized it is the norm. " M. Johannsen, Legacee's Founder, personal story.

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6 modules

Discover How to Use Video to Create Brand, Capture Leads and Generate Revenue

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Video is hot. Got to learn it. Its business use is expanding by leaps and bounds. Because of its ability to increase conversions.


6 modules

Learn How to Generate Knock "Your Socks Off" Content that Wows the Receiver

Students learn to write in a particularly boring type of jargon known as Scholar English. Writing this way — like you did on your last research paper — practically guarantees no one will not read it.  


7 modules

Learn How To Create a Personal Brand, Generate Leads, and Enhance Revenues

This is the one channel you must master for lead generation, internships, and jobs.

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