Earn Referral Income From Legacee's Friends Program

 It's our way of saying thanks.

Image by: Sar Maroof

Image by: Sar Maroof

Earn 5% Commissions  

Five percent commissions are available for telephone or e-mail referrals. 

Once the introduction is made, a Legacee member will follow up with the person referred.  

Earn 10% Commissions

This requires more work since one would have to explain Legacee services; potentially sending marketing material or info from the website.  

Just set up a face-to-face meeting with a potential client, yourself, and a Legacee member. Or arrange a conference call or virtual meeting.

Generally speaking, it’s best to contact a Legacee member before setting up a meeting for any required background information.

Earn Referral Income From 3 Sources

Source 1: Coaching

Impact Coaching. For the person who wishes to expand your ability to influence

Check Out Impact Coaching


Dual-Track Coaching. Strive to master a discrete leadership skill in thirty-days.

Source 2: Founder Speeches

Murray Johannsen (see Linkedin Profile) is a polished speaker, business owner & founder, and university professor at UCLA and other schools. 

Murray is an engaging speaker who delivers humorous, informative, and entertaining speeches to associations and corporations.

Choose From Among Four Topics:

The Secrets of Building Skills

• The Quest of Heroes

• Skill Mapping

• Tough as Nails

Source 3: Corporations, University, or Government Sales

Leadership Skills

Skill Mastery

Digital Entrepreneurship

Training Classes Overview

4 Concentrations

3 Concentrations

2 Concentrations

There are 10 Concentrations — each with anywhere from 1 to 6 full classes. A Full Class has between 4 to 6. However, university courses often run between 12 and 15 modules.

Public Full Classes sold through the Legaceeacademy.org website are NOT eligible for commissions since a person can sign-up directly.

Also, public Short Courses are NOT eligible since these have every low price points (below $45).

Organizational sales have a much higher dollar value since one can have a class of twenty and multiple classes running throughout the year.

Curriculum sales are not currently eligible.

Leadership Foundations

6 Classes

The Mastery Practices  

4 Classes

Digital Marketing

6 Classes

Verbal Communication  

Image by: rozeek.pk

Skill-Based Learning  

Influencer Marketing  

2 Classes

2 Classes

3 Classes

Skill Mapping  

Digital Entrepreneurship

Motivation at Work

1 Class

6 Classes

2 Classes

Transformational Leadership

6 Classes