Worksheets For Step 2 & 3: Environmental Scanning For Opportunities and Threats

A ship locked in the ice and unable to move.


Don’t Get Blind-Sided. Be Smart About Scanning the Environment

Access two helpful files necessary to environmental scanning.

  1. Environmental Scanning Worksheet. Today, much of the world media is available for deliver to one of your screens. So the question is, “What should you read?” Put together you own trusted media, subjects to review, and apps to use.

Worksheet on Environmental Scanning

  1. Trend Worksheets. A series of 10 worksheets good for individuals or groups like the one below.

Trend Worksheets


Determining Threats and Opportunities

  • Impact Probability Matrix for Threats. This form clarifies what threats to ignore, monitor and minimize.

Worksheet For Impact Probability for Threats Matrix

  • Impact Probability Matrix For Opportunities. This form focuses the mind on how to divine the real opportunities from the not so real ones.

Worksheet For Impact Probability for Opportunities Matrix

  • Priorities List. A nice way to rank order both your opportunities and threats.

Opportunities & Threats Priorities Table

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