Worksheets For Step 4: Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Vices and Virtues. Determine your sins and the virtues you will use to counteract. Your skills might change depending on your role. But your virtues; ah, they would be constant across life. After all, Franklin had thirteen and these stayed the same. There are some virtues that you will need throughout your entire life. That makes them important. We all have vices. Best to acknowledge them since other know what they are.

Step 4a Worksheet Know Thyself Vices & Virtues

Top Ten Traits. A nice format to list your personality traits from the Big Five subscales.

Step 4b Worksheet Know Thyself Personality Traits

The Core Five Competencies: A single page format to document the skills you have and the skill you need to play your role(s).

Step 4c Worksheet Know Thyself Core Five Skills

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