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I have spent many years studying great individuals and believe that they think differently than the rest of us. It would make sense when you think about it, that there’s something fundamentally different in the way they act and the way they make decisions.

Ford motor company used to have a slogan that went, “Quality is Job 1.” Today quality is the norm, but in the 70s, people were wondering if the word Ford stood for “Found On Road Dead” or “Fix Or Repair Daily.” Job One was qualityundefinedunlike today where high quality is taken de rigueur for all makers of cars.

Entrepreneurs also have a Job One. It is to develop what’s needed to succeed in running the business. Job One is NOT to manage and be just a manager as taught in the b-schools — it’s to be truly exceptional — for great founders grow great businesses.

You can be average if you want to, and have a mediocre business. Its what too many entrepreneurs do: they become complacent to be average, comfortable the middle, common in the status of being run-of-the-mill.

What they should seek is to be extraordinary — always pushing the edge, doing everything to ones personal best. Seeking with great determination and perseverance to be a great man or woman — whose reflection of greatness will be a reflection of a great business and surrounding yourself with others who are committed as you are. 

This approach is about, the understanding, the knowledge of what it takes. Reading it will plant the seeds you can nourish that grows into great success. 

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Work Skills For the 21st Century