Online Course in Business Communication

 How This Course Enhances Communication Skills

 “Just because you have two ears and a mouth, doesn’t mean you know how to communicate.” — A Mother’s Advice To Her Son.

What Employers Want In New Hires

Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers 2018 Job Outlook Survey

Entrepreneur: Warren Buffett Advises Young People on How to Make Twice the Money They Already Make

Make An Investment That Pays Off Many Times Over

Develop 10 Practical Skills Useful in the Real World

This is not a course chock-full of theory you cannot use. It’s about practical techniques used in the real world. You learn or practice how to:

Do An Elevator Pitch. You only have 30 seconds to a minute to make a positive first impression.

Deploy Five types of Listening. All listening is not the same. There are five that improve listening and one that doesn’t. 

Read Key Nonverbals. How to better read face and hear the meaning in tones and intonation.

Say Powerful Persuasive Patterns. There are many that you can use to sell your idea. Basic patterns one needs to know to sell. 

Generate Positive First Impression. How to generate positive impressions, increase trust, and get liked.

Prepare Prepare For The Interview. Most people don’t spend the time needed to polish their communication skills before the interview. And so, they lose the job. Don’t let this happen to you.

To Communicate Using Video. Can you structure a five or ten-minute video presentation that holds someone’s attention? If so, you’ll be popular with a large social network.

Craft a Compelling LinkedIn Profile. Address what HR recruiters want. Generate a magnet that attracts others to connect with you.

Write Engaging and Interesting Texts & Emails. Don’t write like a professor. Write to get someone’s attention, hold their interest and motivate an action. 

Finesse a Resume & Cover Letter. Craft your resume to be attractive to employers.

To Enroll

Written assignments are submitted through the Canvas Learning Management system. To build skills, the course also includes Zoom labs. It’s offered through the Los Angeles Community College District, Fees are low — only $46 per unit for California residents and $328 for out of state.

This open enrollment, online course in business communication comes with 3 credit hours. It can transfer other universities and will transfer to CSUN.

To Get Assistance by email or voice and to enroll this course (Bus 032) Section 14858

Need help? Contact LAVC Online Student Support.

This online class requires you to work independently. Still, there is many opportunities to interact with others as part of the written discussions and optional live forums on important issues of the day such as machine learning and working remotely.  

About Your Instructor

Professor Johannsen’s Instructor Bio

Besides having a number of years teaching at universities, Mr. Johannsen runs his own training and development organization focused on skill set’s employers are crying for in the areas of: skill mastery; digital, social media and influencer marketing; and leadership skills.  

Unlike most full-time professors, he knows what employers want and what student lack when it comes to getting work (and getting better work). Murray has seen it over and over again; bad resumes and poorly written profiles and interviews that fail to impress. And so designed the course to deliver the verbal and written skills employers want in employees and supervisors.

If you do have any question about this online class, feel free to contact Professor Johannsen by email at 

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