Marketing Principles: The Essential Concepts and Timeless Principles You Need to Know 

Concentration: Digital Marketing

Principles of Marketing — Highlights

In marketing, there are a few must know theories and must know principles that mean the difference between success and failure. This course covers these. They are that important. When used in the right combination, they drastically lower the cost of customer acquisition.

This is not a course about media in decline. It covers covers the fast growing digital mediums since it’s where the jobs are, the money is, and it’s what most businesses lack.

In this course, you can map out how to market a business or create a personal brand.

This online course also serves as the strong foundation needed to get work in digital marketing or to have a side hustle or gig work.

Concepts & Principles Covered in This 8-Week Online Marketing Course

It presents the timeless marketing principles — what doesn’t change. You can:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING and Trend spotting
  • Defining your target MARKET NICHE through SEGMENTATION
  • Standing Out from the crowd using POSITIONING and DIFFERENTIATION
  • BRANDING for Products and Services
  • The Essentials of Sound PRICING and SALES PROMOTIONS
  • Ethics and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in Marketing
  • How Individuals and Organizations Make Buying Decisions

This Course is Perfect For Those Interested in:

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Social media Marketing, and
  • Influencer Marketing & Personal Branding

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Course Details

MARKET 021-V03 (19161); From October 24, 2022 to December 19, 2022

This course is offered through the Los Angeles Community College District. Fees are low — only $46 per unit for California residents and $328 for out of state. It comes with 3 credit hours.

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About Your Instructor: Murray Johannsen

Murray Johannsen is a business owner and founder who both teaches and has his own online training business. He has years of experience teaching entrepreneurial marketing and through the lens of what works in the real world from the experience gained by running numerous marketing campaigns. It’s what digital entrepreneurs need to know to craft a successful Internet business model. 

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