Purchase Training Curriculum — Try It, Buy It, or License It

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Try It Before You Buy It  

Our Instructors Model It Before You Purchase It

Customizing a new curriculum is never easy. With this option adaptation is made easier by having our instructor present before a live audience from your organizaton.

Going this route allows for customization and feedback.

 Your staff

  • Sees how to present in-class exercises,
  • Can add or change standard assignments, 
  • Test your own content to incorporate it into the final version.
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License Curriculum  

Our Most Flexible Plan

Based on an agreed set of learning outcomes, we will together come up with a course of training tailored to your needs.  

This buy option allows for deluxe customization. You can for example:

  • Integrate audio slide desks into other online content.
  • Add additional audience delight factors such as quotes and other engagement builders.
  • One can also make changes in the order, delete or add new material, etc. 

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Curriculum Purchase 

Our Most Affordable Option.

Handouts and overheads are the same — participants see on the screen what they see on the paper. Perfect for training where you want the slides to mirror the handouts.

Content are sold “as is” on a module by module basis — like buying a book. 

Content is provided in Acrobat .pdf format for better cross-platform compatibility.

Limited customization is possible. For example we can: 

  • Add a company logo 
  • Change the order of slides
  • Add quotes and stories

Curriculum Designed With The Audience in Mind

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Material Tested With Different Audiences 

The content has been honed and refined through years of delivery to government agencies and corporations. 

Audiences ranged from assembly line workers to those with advanced degrees.

Designed to Hold Their Attention  

We wrap practical theory in an envelope of color and pictures to better hold the audience’s attention.

 You won’t find text with cryptic word bullets, complex box models and unreadable info graphics. 

The Structure of the Training Curriculum

Training Methods Designed To Keep The Audience Engaged and Involved

Legacee’s training programs have a number of tactics designed to improve outcomes. A number of these are listed below. 

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