Income For Professionals

Legacee is open to working with different types of professionals such as trainers, coaches, and professors, etc. It not only opens up new ways of generating income, but also offers ways for professionals to work together.

Professionals Who are Acting as Service Providers

We work with individuals who are experts in fields of interest to clients and wish to be paid as independent contractors. Providers are paid a delivery fee which varies depending on the nature of the engagement.

For Presenters and Speakers

Legacee is open to formally licensing Legacee’s content and material to speakers although. Along with participant handouts, we expect presenters to have the ability to deliver Power Point presentations from a laptop.

We know that many speakers and consultants have a number of topics that they do very well. However, we are only asking for one or two of your very best presentations.

  • Motivate and entertain from the platform,
  • Present practical content relevant to the audience,
  • Use adult learning theory in corporate settings.
  • Tell good stories and a few good jokes, and
  • Facilitate group process when necessary,

For On-Line Coaching

If you are a subject matter expert with good coaching skills, be sure to contact us. On-line coaching is normally conducted as part of a training program. The emphasis is providing support and feedback to develop skills.

For On-Line Facilitators

Many of our on-line classes have facilltiors who work with class members via telephone, Skype, virtual meeting services, etc. To be considered to this position, one must first take a given course as a student.

Professionals Who Wish To Also Function as Associates

The major different between being a provider and an associate, is that associates can earn Business Commissions on referrals. We pay a standard 10% on referrals that lead to new business which is paid out shortly after clients pay us.

We also make available additional marketing and sales support material for making presentations or sending emails.

Work Skills For the 21st Century