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Let's be clear, what worked last century is unlikely work this century is unlike any other in human history.

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Have you ever asked yourself, 

  • "What does it take to get ahead?
  • Do I have weaknesses that threaten my current employment?"
  • Or more importantly, "Do I have the skills needed to get promoted so I can NOW step into my next role?" 

The world of busiess and myiad opportunities for you. But you first have to map out what you want to do and who you want to be. SKILL MAPPING is a powerful way to flesh out your CURRENT and FUTURE ROLES on the stage of work and life. And it's a way of knowing what skills you have and what skills you need. In HR speak, we call it competency modeling.

By applying the six-step process detailed in his book, you map a way to accelerate your career, to accerate your growth.

Find your way forward today.

Learn How to Prosper in the 21st Century

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Our path to success has been compared to climbing a mountain. To succeed, you will need climbing skills. But first, you need a map. You shouldn’t use someone else’s map, you must create your own. This gives you self-confidence — the power to know where you are going and how you can get there. For it doesn't pay to be lost and confused, unsure of your path, full of doubt over the roles you want to play, the expertise and skills needed, and what mountain you want to climb. But there is a solution — a tool set called Skill Mapping. It's a small number of practical techniques allowing you to decide on the work role(s) wanted, the skills needed and the actions required. 

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About the Program Designer

I hope rather than just giving you a dull bio, that you don't mind my sharing a bit of philosophy. It was Walt Disney who once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." But that's only true if you got skills. NO GREAT DREAM IS EVER ACHIEVED WITH YOUR CURRENT INVENTORY OF SKILLS.  

It’s also important to understand this simple truth of organizational life, “Your Strengths Get you Hired —Your Weaknesses Get you Fired.” To make your dreams real — even to simply stay employed — you must continually upgrade your skills. And if you can do that, you can reach your dreams.  

Murray Johannsen  

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Besides running the Legacee suite of learning programs, he teaches as an adjunct professor and management instructor at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).Murray also has a B.S. in Pharmacy, an MBA from the University of Iowa; and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University.  


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