Do You Know What Your Future Holds?

You Don't Need a Crystal Ball

But You Do Need a Map — A Skill Map

Map Your Path Into the Future

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Legacee's founder developed this program. It comes about as a result of a deep conviction that much of the system — including the corporation and the universities — are NOT preparing you to prosper in the future. 

Open New Doors, Create Opportunities & Star in New Roles

The Skill Mapping Online Course

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Step 1: Craft Your Vision: Flesh Out The Four Roles To a Better Future

Step 2: Set-Up the Environmental Scanning Process

Step 3: Identify and Prioritize Threats & Opportunities 

Step 4: Uncover Your Core Five Skill-sets, Your Virtues, Your Traits 

Step 5: Determine Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Step 6: Take Action — Perfecting The Art of Strategy and Tactical Execution