Learn powerful techniques from the disciplines of social, motivational, and cognitive psychology.


9 spheres of influence

Great Leaders Grow Their Influence

Influence is a learned skill — something rarely taught in universities.

And if you learn it, it gives you an edge over your competition.

It's a necessary skill needed to be a media influencer and a leader. .

Expand Your Expertise — Practice Powerful Influence Tactics

Avoid OverUse of Authority

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It Doesn't Work In With Many of the Important People in Life

The boss
The bosses" boss
Your peers,
Your spouse,
You kids.
• Anyhone Outside your organization.

Instead Grow Personal Influence

• Think and behave like a Great Leader

• Increase your conversions by getting Buy-in

• Enhance your Personal Power which stays with you forever.

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Build Your Influence Skills With Impact Coaching

Are You Tired Of:

Avoid an Inefficient System of Learning Rooted in the Past 

  • Seeing no change — no new skills 
  • Wasting scarce money, time, and effort 
  • Sending people off to training classes but observing no new skills 
  • Don't get fire hosed by large slide decks
  • Theory that one can't understand, and can't apply
  • Meaningless concepts that don't work in the real world  

Are You Open To:

A Better Way to Get the Theory Down and Develop Skills:

  • Progress via changes in behavior — not the hours spent keeping the seat warm or filling out the "smile sheet" and attendance roster
  • Get 24/7 online access to content anytime for multiple devices
  • Weekly contact and real conversations with a master teacher
  • Getting support if motivation lags
  • Feedback so you know if you’re getting better 
  •  Practical application assignments you can use in the real world
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Murray Johannsen is the President of the Legacee Academy, an experienced coach and adjunct professor at UCLA.

He also guides the on-line learning programs in: transformational leadership, skill mastery & digital marketing as President of the Legacee Academy.

Murray Johannsen - Founder of Legacee

He's done extensive research on HOW leaders' influence and HOW digital marketing Influencers build huge networks.

That's why he uses skill-based learning and mastery practices to assist clients in the mastery of critical work skills.

He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

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