How To Be a Great Digital Entrepreneur

The Standard Model Says

But There is a Better Way

Conventional wisdom tells entrepreneurs that grinding through countless hours on a business plan and facing endless rejections from investors is the golden ticket to entrepreneurial success.

But here's the twist: even if you manage to charm your way to a Series A and get that coveted term-sheet, the playbook used by traditional investors often means handing over the reins.

Suddenly, your baby isn't just yours anymore. Instead of steering the ship, you might just find yourself aboard someone else's voyage.

Once you lost a majority of the stock, you become just another employee working for a boss.

This program focuses on helping you achieve your dreams — by taking you down the path of the Digital Entrepreneur. It has three major pillars.

  • Develop The Skills and the Mindset of a Great Founder. Master both the skills and mindset that set legendary founders apart.
  • Find Your Opportunity. And bootstrap your growth. No more waiting around. Find your unique opportunity and kick-start your growth without relying on deep pockets.
  • Market your Personal Brand. Learn to leverage the power of influencer marketing to shout out your personal brand, all without breaking the bank.

If you know what your opportunity is, focus on the skills you need to succeed.

Track 0: Prerequisites

The AI Advantage: Working With AI To Get Things Done Better

4 Modules

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Ready to team up with the ultimate sidekick?

Enter the world of AI, not as some far-off sci-fi fantasy, but as a tangible tool to enhance your daily grind.

Kick off by diving deep into the "Great Founder" paradigm, unraveling how AI can shape visionary leaders.

Venture next into the art of opportunity-spotting, harnessing AI's data prowess for smarter decisions.

And for the grand finale? Merge the magic of personal branding with the reach of influencer marketing, all with a sprinkle of AI wizardry.

By the end, you'll see AI not just as tech but as valuable resource, turbocharging your path to your goals.


The Way of Heroes: Embracing the Hero Within

1 Module

"Don't become just a name on a stone — unremembered after the children and grandchildren are gone." — Unknown

Ever wondered why superheroes never seem to go out of style? It's because, deep down, we all have a hero waiting to break free!

The age-old tales of heroes aren't just bedtime stories; they're blueprints of resilience, determination, and triumph over adversity.

In the story of the hero, we see our own story—or what might be your own story. And entrepreneurs are clearly on the Heroes Journey.

Yet, we can earn from those who have gone before, and make our own road easier, the journey quicker, the path less likely to end up in failure.

Learn from the legendary, and gear up to pave your own path to greatness, with fewer detours and a treasure trove of wisdom. Unleash your inner hero, and let's set out on an epic adventure!

The 12: Must Know Marketing Concepts

1 Module

Every domain of knowledge has a small set of essential principles that define it.

These principles are timeless, do not change, and must be studied in-depth to understand how to get things done.

Dive into a world where we demystify the 12 cornerstone concepts of marketing — concepts such as positioning, segmentation, niche, etc.

Equip yourself with knowledge that’s not just textbook gold, but real-world, tried-and-true wisdom.

Ready to become the marketing maestro you've always dream of?

Bounce Back: Understanding Resilience To Get From Setback to Success

1 Module

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  — Kennedy Family Motto

Underlying all success is the mental toughness that overcomes defeats, losses, problems, obstacles, mistakes, the critics, the naysayers, the pessimists, the complainers, and those who say, “It can’t be done.” 

From navigating life's inevitable storms to bouncing back from defeats, this course unveils the secrets of mental toughness.

We'll unravel the art of overcoming naysayers and embracing challenges head-on.

Get equipped to tackle life's hurdles and turn them into stepping stones towards your goals.

And since most everyone will face difficulties at some point in life, it is essential to understand how resiliency works and how to enhance toughness.

Dive into the essence of resilience and discover the unyielding spirit that lies within every successful individual.

It's not just about surviving the storm, but thriving in it.

Track 1: The Great Founder

Plant The Seeds of Greatness

Let's be clear. An entrepreneur must manage. But they must be more than a manager.

Remember Ford's slogan from the 70s, “Quality is Job 1”? Back then, quality was a revolutionary idea. Today, it's a standard expectation, much like how we've normalized the idea that entrepreneurs should just "manage".

But here's the thing: true entrepreneurship goes beyond mere management. Yes, it's crucial, but it's not enough.

For an entrepreneur, the real Job One is to cultivate the expertise, skills, and virtues that ensure business success.

Job One is NOT to just be a manager as taught in the b-schools. Founders need to be truly exceptional — for great men and women grow great businesses.

Great Founders (by definition) are Transformational Leaders.

Managers don't build teams — leaders do.

Years of studying remarkable individuals have revealed a profound truth: they truly think differently than the majority.

It's not just coincidence or luck that sets them apart.

There's an underlying distinction in their actions and decision-making processes, a testament to a unique mindset that shapes their path to greatness.

We can be Heroes.” — Heroes Lyrics by David Bowie and Brian Eno (1997)

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” — Act II Scene 5 of Twelfth Night. William Shakespeare

True entrepreneurial success doesn't come from just "managing" a business.

While the world is full of competent managers, the annals of business greatness aren't filled with their names.

It's the visionaries, the risk-takers, and the relentless individuals who not only see the future but create it, that stand out.

These trailblazers don't just navigate the currents of commerce; they redirect them. Remember, just managing won't set you apart; reshaping the landscape will.

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Track 2: Opportunity

Mapping Your Route To Explosive Growth

Many digital entrepreneurs sprint ahead, chasing an idea when they should be pursuing a true opportunity. Think of it as crafting a detailed map.

You wouldn't just sketch a random path and hope for the best; you'd meticulously plot out the most promising route.

This journey isn't about whims or hasty decisions. It's about strategic maneuvers and tactical wisdom. It’s about discerning the real goldmines from mere glitter, ensuring what you're pursuing isn't just a fleeting idea but a genuine, tailor-made opportunity for growth.

The Journey to Opportunity: A Continuous Quest, Not a Single Leap

Every grand opportunity begins as a kernel of an idea.

From there, it undergoes meticulous scrutiny—sifting the diamonds from the rough—through opportunity screening. A robust business model becomes the bedrock on which these potentials stand.

But even the most promising of opportunities demand a coherent strategy to transform vision into reality. While a hefty business plan might not be the key, a dynamic business strategy surely is. And to bring that strategy to life? Tactical execution is paramount.

"Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door." — Kyle Chandler

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." — Thomas Edison

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”
Francis Bacon,
The Essays

The Digital Goldmine

In the crossroads of information technology, artificial intelligence, and the vast expanse of the Internet, lies a goldmine of opportunity for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Gone are the days when you needed millions flowing through your channels to see returns.

Now, with a potent mix of a compelling message, the perfect niche, and a dedicated fan base, even modest networks can strike digital gold.


Track 3: Brand Alchemy: Where Personal Branding Meets Influencer Marketing

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Dive deep into the expertise and sharpen the skills pivotal to building a personal brand within the influencer marketing realm.

In the vast halls of academia, influencer marketing and personal branding often get the cold shoulder. Many marketing curriculums are ensnared in the world of mega-brands with astronomical online ad budgets.

Yet, it's a myth that you need millions flowing through your channels to strike gold. It's about crafting the perfect message, identifying your niche, and nurturing a loyal fan base.


Crafting Your Signature Personal Brand

Your personal brand isn't just a fancy title—it's a pact. A pact that signals your dedication to authenticity in a world clouded by half-truths. It's your stamp of consistency, expertise, and trustworthiness.

Consider this: a whopping 80%+ of decision-makers reckon that thought leadership, a dimension of personal branding, is the yardstick by which they gauge the worth of potential collaborators, advisors, and mentors.

Why forge a personal brand? To etch your space in the market, narrate your unique journey, and rise above the cacophony.

"If the only thing that mattered in the equation of success was intelligence, all professors would be billionaires." — Murray Johannsen

One cannot succeed in any game until you without diving deep to understand the rules. — M. Johannsen

"Your personal brand is a promise to others... a promise of that you are deserving of their trust." - Jason Hartman

Influencers: Beyond Brand Ambassadors

Entrepreneurs wear more hats than just being brand promoters. They're the voice, the message that vibrates with their audience's pulse.

But here's the twist: modern entrepreneurship needs a dash of influencer marketing to spotlight their offerings.

Why? Because influencers don't just suggest, they shape decisions. A staggering 60% of consumers nod in agreement, having changed their purchase decisions steered by an influencer's advice.

Influencer marketing isn't merely a game of celebrity nods; it's about forging real bonds and winning trust.

Need a Full Class on Social Media INFLUENCER Marketing?

15 Modules — A Full Semester

Widespread brand recognition prevents you from being just another commodity — a person an employer or a sponsor can buy at the lowest possible price.

You can be as well-known as a Mastercard, Apple, Coca-Cola to your followers.

Developing and sustaining a solid personal brand is more than coming up with a cute image and using your name; it requires marketing savvy.

And that's what this course is all about, building a brand with minimal out-of-pocket investment and monetizing your most important asset — yourself.

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A Final Word

"I remember a business chair saying that he wanted good jobs for students; but then he refused to offer a class on digital marketing. At first I thought this was an outlier. But then I realized it is the norm." — M. Johannsen, Legacee's Founder, personal story.

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