How To Be a Great Digital Entrepreneur

The Standard Model Says

But There is a Better Way

Conventional wisdom tells entrepreneurs that grinding through countless hours on a business plan and facing endless rejections from investors is the golden ticket to entrepreneurial success.

But here's the twist: even if you manage to charm your way to a Series A and get that coveted term-sheet, the playbook used by traditional investors often means handing over the reins.

Suddenly, your baby isn't just yours anymore. Instead of steering the ship, you might just find yourself aboard someone else's voyage.

Once you lost a majority of the stock, you become just another employee working for a boss.

This program focuses on helping you achieve your dreams — by taking you down the path of the Digital Entrepreneur. It has three major pillars.

  • Develop The Skills and the Mindset of a Great Founder. Master both the skills and mindset that set legendary founders apart.
  • Find Your Opportunity. And bootstrap your growth. No more waiting around. Find your unique opportunity and kick-start your growth without relying on deep pockets.
  • Market your Personal Brand. Learn to leverage the power of influencer marketing to shout out your personal brand, all without breaking the bank.

If you know what your opportunity is, focus on the skills you need to succeed.

Track 0: Prerequisites

The AI Advantage: Working With AI To Get Things Done Better

4 Modules

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Ready to team up with the ultimate sidekick?

Enter the world of AI, not as some far-off sci-fi fantasy, but as a tangible tool to enhance your daily grind.

Kick off by diving deep into the "Great Founder" paradigm, unraveling how AI can shape visionary leaders.

Venture next into the art of opportunity-spotting, harnessing AI's data prowess for smarter decisions.

And for the grand finale? Merge the magic of personal branding with the reach of influencer marketing, all with a sprinkle of AI wizardry.

By the end, you'll see AI not just as tech but as valuable resource, turbocharging your path to your goals.


The Way of Heroes: Embracing the Hero Within

1 Module

"Don't become just a name on a stone — unremembered after the children and grandchildren are gone." — Unknown

Ever wondered why superheroes never seem to go out of style? It's because, deep down, we all have a hero waiting to break free!

The age-old tales of heroes aren't just bedtime stories; they're blueprints of resilience, determination, and triumph over adversity.

In the story of the hero, we see our own story—or what might be your own story. And entrepreneurs are clearly on the Heroes Journey.

Yet, we can earn from those who have gone before, and make our own road easier, the journey quicker, the path less likely to end up in failure.

Learn from the legendary, and gear up to pave your own path to greatness, with fewer detours and a treasure trove of wisdom. Unleash your inner hero, and let's set out on an epic adventure!

The 12: Must Know Marketing Concepts

1 Module

Every domain of knowledge has a small set of essential principles that define it.

These principles are timeless, do not change, and must be studied in-depth to understand how to get things done.

Dive into a world where we demystify the 12 cornerstone concepts of marketing — concepts such as positioning, segmentation, niche, etc.

Equip yourself with knowledge that’s not just textbook gold, but real-world, tried-and-true wisdom.

Ready to become the marketing maestro you've always dream of?

Bounce Back: Understanding Resilience To Get From Setback to Success

1 Module

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  — Kennedy Family Motto

Underlying all success is the mental toughness that overcomes defeats, losses, problems, obstacles, mistakes, the critics, the naysayers, the pessimists, the complainers, and those who say, “It can’t be done.” 

From navigating life's inevitable storms to bouncing back from defeats, this course unveils the secrets of mental toughness.

We'll unravel the art of overcoming naysayers and embracing challenges head-on.

Get equipped to tackle life's hurdles and turn them into stepping stones towards your goals.

And since most everyone will face difficulties at some point in life, it is essential to understand how resiliency works and how to enhance toughness.

Dive into the essence of resilience and discover the unyielding spirit that lies within every successful individual.

It's not just about surviving the storm, but thriving in it.

Great Founder Courses

 TOUGH AS NAILS Enhancing Persistence and Mental Toughness

6 Modules


"Never, never, never — give up." — Sir Winston Churchill

Ever felt knocked down by life's curveballs? It's not about avoiding challenges, but rising every time we fall.

This course breaks down the essential psychological foundations that support an individual in confronting adversity.

Through structured modules, students will explore techniques and strategies to strengthen their mental toughness, enabling them to persevere in challenging situations

Dive deep into the world of resilience, the very essence of success.

Learn the hidden psychological pillars to power through adversity and keep that fire burning, no matter the odds."

Craft Your Vision

1 Module

Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.” — Marcus Aurelius

You can choose to be a bit player on the stage of work or a superstar. But to be a star, you will want to relearn how to use your imagination.

This module covers essential elements needed to stimulate foresight and construct a personal vision.

The first step is not easy for some. Why? It calls for you to project yourself into the future using your imagination. 

A cynic might say, "If you somehow manage to get from K1 to K12 with your imagination intact, surely college will destroy it."

Pitch Perfect: Crafting Talks that Mesmerize

1 Module

Ever wondered why some speakers command the room from the moment they start talking?

It's no accident.

The curriculum begins with the importance of captivating an audience within the initial one to two minutes of speaking and having. strong conclusion.

It then delves into nonverbal communication cues, emphasizing the significance of voice characteristics.

The course also breaks down the components of a compelling speech or video body, including the integration of facts, statistics, stories, and anecdotes.

Learn to weave facts with stories, use powerful rhetorical techniques, and truly engage your listeners.

This isn't just another course.

This is your ticket to mastering the spotlight

Vice To Virtues: Getting Good To Be Great

6 Modules

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”  George Washington 

Your strengths get you hired; your weaknesses get you fired. — Murray Johannsen

Dive deep into your character, unearthing those imperfections that hold you back.

This course provides a structured pathway to self-improvement, emphasizing the recognition of personal flaws and their potential impacts.

But it's not about dwelling on flaws; it's about transforming them.

Learn to cultivate the virtues that iconic leaders swear by.

By nurturing these virtues, individuals can navigate away from harmful habits and emotions, setting the stage for robust personal and professional growth.

It's your journey from good to exceptional.

Skill Mapping How to Define The Skills You'll Need for Future Success

6 Modules

Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.” — Marcus Aurelius

"Imagine being the architect of your destiny, crafting a journey that's uniquely yours.

This course introduces a comprehensive six-step process tailored for individuals keen on aligning their current abilities with future professional aspirations.

By understanding and applying skill mapping, learners will effectively bridge their present competencies with the essential expertise for future endeavors.

Be the star, not the spectator.

It's time to plan, practice, and perfect your way to success."

Powerful Thoughts Improving Your Performance With Self-Talk

6 Modules

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think." -- Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman

Unlock the true potential of your mind!

Self-talk, a critical yet often overlooked aspect of our psyche, significantly influences our results and performance.

Ever felt like you're your own worst enemy?

Dive deep into age-old techniques from psychology and Buddhism that have been game-changers for many.

By refining our mental conversation, learners can harness their mind's full potential, enabling better outcomes in various life spheres.

Elevate your self-talk, amplify your results, and watch as doors of opportunities swing wide open for you."

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Track 2: Courses on Opportunity Recognition and Conversion

Recognizing Opportunity: Identifying & Seizing Breakthrough Moments

4 Modules

Ever felt that pang of regret for missing out on a golden opportunity?

Turn that around! Dive into the art and science of spotting business opportunities even before they're obvious.

From reading market signals to leveraging the power of intuition, this course is your compass to navigate the entrepreneurial sea.

Participants will learn about market analysis, trend forecasting, consumer behavior insights, and intuitive decision-making

Become the founder who doesn't just wait for the right chance but creates them!"

Screening For Opportunity: Refining Ideas into Stellar Opportunities

3 Modules

Imagine a basket full of shiny stones, but only a few are real diamonds.

The entrepreneurial journey begins with countless ideas, but only a handful truly shine.

This course provides a comprehensive framework to help founders assess the viability, scalability, and potential of their entrepreneurial concepts.

Dive deep into the world of opportunity screening to learn how to filter, refine, and polish those diamond ideas.

Participants will gain the skills to discern which ideas are worth pursuing and which are best left on the drawing board

Clicks to Cash: Choosing the Business Models in the Digital Age

3 Modules

Today, there are so many that it's hard to decide which ones to take advantage of.

In a world where businesses are a click away from success or oblivion, understanding the right business model is like having the master key.

Dive into the digital realm with us, explore successful models that have transformed startups into tech titans, and craft your unique model.

This course delves into the myriad of business models tailored for internet-based businesses.

Participants will analyze case studies of successful online companies, understand monetization strategies, and explore factors crucial for digital success.

The Strategy Bridge:

Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

2 Modules

Ever felt like you're running in place, not getting anywhere despite all the hustle?

It's time to stop the random acts of effort and start the deliberate acts of strategic planning.

Dive into a transformative journey that guides you from your present state, paints a vivid picture of your ambitions, and lays down a concrete roadmap to reach that pinnacle.

Participants will learn to assess their current position, envision a robust future goal, and draft a clear pathway to achieve it, enhancing the potential for success in their ventures.

Unleash the power of structured strategy and make your entrepreneurial dreams a living reality!

Going Tactical:

Navigating Real-Time Business Challenges

1 module

Ever been in the thick of things, where a sudden curveball threatened to derail your master plan?

Tactics refer to the immediate actions one undertakes to maneuver through on-the-ground challenges and adapt to real-time situations.

This course delves into the essence of tactical execution in the business realm, teaching participants how to adjust their actions without veering off their strategic path.

Through a series of practical lessons, individuals will gain insights into making quick yet informed decisions, ensuring the broader strategy remains on track.

Master the agility of tactical execution and become unstoppable, no matter what business throws your way!

Track 3: Influencer Marketing

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COPYWRITING: Tailoring Your Words for Maximum Impact

6 Modules

Image by: The Literary Digest

Ever yawned through a page-long intro?

Copywriting extends beyond mere words on a page; it's about engaging readers and compelling action.


Ditch the snooze-worthy formats and dive into the high-impact world of copywriting!


Unleash the wordsmith within, craft messages that don't just sit pretty but also drive action.


From classic techniques to modern twists, let your words sell, inspire, and leave a mark!

Reel Results: Creating Brand and Capturing New Business

6 Modules

Image by: Parceiromaste

In today's digital landscape, video content is rapidly becoming the primary means of communication.

This course introduces the foundational techniques for effective video storytelling.

From the story arc to lighting, transform your brand with a video that’s unforgettable.

Learners will gain insights into crafting compelling narratives enhanced by visuals, resulting in brand promotion and business capture.

Ditch the yawn-worthy content and let your brand be the story everyone's talking about.

Linkedin Unleashed Harnessing the Platform's Potential for Business Growth

6 Modules

If you got the right stuff, you will be found. 

Still using LinkedIn just for networking? Think bigger!

LinkedIn has evolved beyond a mere professional networking site.

It's a dynamic platform to market oneself, attracting job opportunities and business leads.


Transform your profile into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Beyond just job hunting, this platform can elevate your brand, pulling in leads and driving revenues.

Dive in and uncover the secrets that make LinkedIn more than just another social media platform.

CROWDFUNDING: From Ideas to Seed Capital Without Giving Away Equity

6 Modules

Imagine a world where backers queue up, wallets in hand, vying to be the first to support your brilliant idea.

Crowdfunding has emerged as a revolutionary means of obtaining seed capital.

Instead of the traditional reliance on investors, entrepreneurs can now validate their concepts by pre-selling to potential customers.

This course dives deep into the intricacies of crowdfunding, highlighting its advantages such as retaining equity and proving market interest.

Dive into a universe where business plans take a backseat, and eager supporters become your most crucial asset.

Plus, you don't have to give away stock.

What's not to like?

Need a Full Class on Social Media INFLUENCER Marketing?

15 Modules — A Full Semester

Widespread brand recognition prevents you from being just another commodity — a person an employer or a sponsor can buy at the lowest possible price.

You can be as well-known as a Mastercard, Apple, Coca-Cola to your followers.

Developing and sustaining a solid personal brand is more than coming up with a cute image and using your name; it requires marketing savvy.

And that's what this course is all about, building a brand with minimal out-of-pocket investment and monetizing your most important asset — yourself.

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