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Don't Get Left Out — Digital Marketing is where the jobs are.

Unfortunately, we rarely find new college graduates employable in digital marketing straight out of the university. .

Key Stats

All business — all business models — require marketing savvy to scale. Some key stats:

• LinkedIn lists "digital marketing specialist" among the top 10 most in-demand jobs. (Semrush)

Digital marketing jobs have a high growth rate — 33% in the Pandemic era (Linkedin)

• Of 389 billion in global ad spend, 46% of that was digital (Oberlo)

Content and Programs Right For You

Practical Content For Corporations

Online Training and Coaching

Using Your Instructors or Ours

Online content that you can scale.

COACHING. The best option for busy executives.

CONTRACTING. Contact us to put on a course. We supply the course and the instructor.

LISCENSING. We can provide the content if you want to use your own trainers. We will also train the trainers.

CUSTOMIZING. You know what you get before you buy. It's crazy to subject busy execs and managers to repeating what they already know.  

Current Content For Universities

For Credit Courses & Certificates
Using Your Instructors or Ours

Books on the Self

"It took us a year to role out a new program. Why could we do it so fast you might ask? Well, Microsoft gave us the curriculum." — A Dean's lament

— Create compelling marketing offers to students, alumni & corporations.

— Enhance expertise and skills WANTED BY EMPLOYERS

— Create greater differentiation on your programs — reduce the curriculum commodity problem.

Open-up new revenue streams for summer programs, electives, and certificates

Access content more current, more practical & more relevant than what's in the textbooks

Our course designers & instructors teach what they do so they know what works.

Learning For Individuals

Online Coaching & Online Classes
With a Focus on Skills

"The true measure of learning is not about grades, research papers, tests, and grading on bell shape curves." — M. Johannsen

We focus on what employers want & entrepreneurs need. This includes:

INTERNSHIPS. We use an apprenticeship model. We teach you what you need to know and you apply it.

BADGES. Used as evidence in specific skill-set.

CERTIFICATES. Complete a full class and you get evidence of completion which says specifically what was learned .

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