Learning To Learn: Expertise and Skills

We are expected to learn and build skills but the system never taught you how

You Should Focus On Sourcing Sound Theory

Even today, opinion masquerades as science — truths are sometimes delusions. Good theory is relevant, practical, detailed and convertible into a behavior. 

Good theory is relevant, practical, detailed and convertible into a behavior. But remember:

  • What you see on Google is not actionable. 10 principles can't be turned into skills
  • And textbooks? Not much better. Knowing what the research says doesn't tell you have to do it. 

Remember: The theory you think works often doesn't. 

The Right Theory With Skillful Practice Saves Time, Money & Frustration

You Should Focus On Using Skilled Practice

Unless you happen to be an athlete, you never learn the secrets associated with efficient practice. Even then, many athletes might just practice physically, but ignoring the mental to get the most from your effort. 

  • You must practice smart or you see few gains for your effort.

Asking college students to practice something outside of class is really interesting. Some take to it like fish in the water. But others only do what’s needed for the grade. The grade is more important in their eyes then getting something they can use. Some will always try to fake it — just too lazy to practice it seems.

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Enhance Your Abilities

The Skill-based Learning Concentration Consists of Two Full Online Classes

Skill-Based Expertise: What To Must Know

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Required| 4 Modules

There is a lot of bad theory out there. Some just doesn't work and some cannot be turned into a skill. 

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Such a simple truth, forgotten by many goes fefore you practice, you must find theory that works. Many theories are about what but never about how. 

You can read a textbook on memory and skill not understand how to make yours work better.

This course presents many insights useful in defining skill-based theory. Not all theory is can be turned into a skill. Discover how to tell what works and what does not. 

Skilled Practice: How To Boost Performance

Required | 4 Modules

Practice does not make perfect. Only with perfect practice can you get close to perfect.

Practicing many hours a day does not guarantee you will get better. 

Getting better — faster — is more than just doing more of what you did before. You must also know how to get better

This program presents a step-by-step format to enhance learning of complex skills. It includes a practice assignments designed to try out new skill development techniques.

The Benefits of Skill-Based Learning

The Legacee Skill Building Model

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1. It gives your company a competitive advantage when taught in larger groups.

2. It gives you an advantage in the race for better pay and desired promotions. 

3. You can stay ahead of the the upcoming wave of AI driven layoffs. 

4. Learn something you should teach to your kids.

5. Employers want employees who know how to learn skills and expertise.

6. Enhance Your Performance.

Available in two online classes with an instructor — only eight modules. That's shorter than a regular college class.

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Discover the Essence of a Sound Theory

The first rule of skill buiding is still pracice, practice, practice — but you can practice wrong. 

This is the secret sauce. You must have it. Must cultivate it. Must keep it strong. 

These are the brekfast of champins. Without these, one is forever stuck in the status quo. 

Forget about grades. This is what employers want and what you want to. 

Make a Smart Investment in Yourself

“The one invstment you can't afford not to make is in yourself.” ― Murray Johannsen 

Option 1: Want Learning Customized to You? 

Check Out the Dual Track

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You have your own Guide -- your dedicated mentor—coach who will accelerate moving from novice to mastery. 

Focus on one discrete communication skill for 30-days. Choose any of the Full Class modules. One-week to understand it, three-weeks of practice to make it a habit.  

Choose from among any of the Full Class modules.  

Option 2: Understand The Big Picture 

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Image by: rozeek.pk 


This is a perfect option for organizations that want to train in groups under th guidance of an expert instructor. 

Take one module every two-weeks: One-week to understand; one-week for practice, feedback and reflection.

Enhance Your Expertise — Practice Your Skills.

"WE are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." — Aristotle

Option 3: Take a Moment To Connect

Murray Johannsen, Your Concntration Designer and Lead Instructor. 

Murray Johannsen is the Founder of Legacee and the Legacee Academy. The focus is on three in demand, highly sought after competencies: a. transformational leadership, b skill mastery, and, c. digital marketing.  

He also serves as an adjunct professor at different universities in America and Asia including UCLA and Korea University.

He has an B.S. in Pharmacy and MBA from the University of Iowa and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University.