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Operant Conditioning: the Most Powerful Theory of Motivation Known to Behavioral Psychologists 

Work Motivation

The Beauty of Operant Conditioning

"I remember a many years ago sitting in a class on human motivation with a professor who forced us to read about every published theory on motivation published in the scholarly journals over the past 70 years. Finally, toward the end of the class, one courageous (and desperate) student went ahead and asked him, "Of the many theories we have covered, which two or three are the most important to learn and to apply?" The professor gave an ambiguously ambiguous answer which went, "They are all important since each one has been thoroughly researched. This led to a search for the one theory, the best theory, the one must know motivation tool-set for managers and executives — what you need to understand to decrease undesired behavior ad increase desired ones. And I'm glad to say that I found the answer. And no, it didn't come from the management textbooks. It comes from motivational psychology. " — Murray Johannsen, Personal story  

For operant conditioning (psychology speak for behavior modification) is a powerful theory that allows you to change both desired and undesired behaviors.

Six Reasons You Should Learn It and Use IT

1. It's Practical

The theory works in the real world — the world of work and business.

2. It allows for Prediction

Based on a set of antecedents and consequences you can predict and test out how behavior will change.

3. It's Useful

You are not only looking for a theory that works in humans; it works in animals.

4. It Works.

There have been thousands of studies on it. It not some flaky pop psych theory cooked up by someone trying to get rich by writing the book.

5. It's Learnable

Yes, there is some jargon. But most of the time you are using common English and not psychobabble. 

6. It's Adaptable

You can modify operant conditioning to get insight into intrinsic motivation.

The secret which drives performance management is motivation. It's the key to unlocking productivity gains, sparking quality improvements, generating continuous profits, and ensuring customer service.

This concentration consists of two full classes: 

  • The first focused on must-know theory with practice exercises.
  • The second, a step-by-step application class to systematically solve tougher performance problems.

These online classes can be customized for business and government and personalized for individuals.

“The consequences of an act affects the probability of it occurring again.” – B.F. Skinner

Course 1: Learn The Theory

Core | 6 Modules

This course contains the necesary theory you need to know, exercises and applicaion assignments. Exercises and assignments can be customized. 

Some consequnces driving behavior are obvious — most are not.

Learn real world behavioral modification motivation techniques — techniques that work

Course 2: Apply The Theory

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

Core | 6 Modules

. Each person deploys motivation techniques targeted toward:  

  • A group (this is the easiest)  
  • An individual (just remember that individuals are not as predictable as a group)  
  • Yourself (Not the easiest thing to do since you need insight and mastery practices)

Apply real-world behavioral modification motivation techniques — techniques that work. But choose carefully, not everything can be fixed.  

Make a Smart Investment in Yourself

“Motivation is the energy that drives all great success. Without it, there is only potential and no action.” M. Johannsen

Check Out the Dual Track

Option 1: Want Learning Customized to You? 

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You have your own Guide -- your dedicated mentor—coach who will accelerate moving from novice to mastery. 

Focus on one discrete communication skill for 30-days. Choose any of the Full Class modules. One-week to understand it, three-weeks of practice to make it a habit.  

Choose from among any of the Full Class modules.  

Option 2: Want to Understand The Big Picture First? 

Image by: rozeek.pk

Image by: rozeek.pk 


This is a perfect option for organizations that want to train in groups under th guidance of an expert instructor. 

Take one module every two-weeks: One-week to understand; one-week for practice, feedback and reflection.

Enhance Your Expertise — Practice Your Skills.

"WE are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." — Aristotle

Option 3: Connect Wth Our Founder

Murray Johannsen, Your Concntration Designer and Lead Instructor. 

Murray Johannsen is the Founder of Legacee and the Legacee Academy. The focus is on three in demand, highly sought after competencies: a. transformational leadership, b skill mastery, and, c. digital marketing.  

He also serves as an adjunct professor at different universities in America and Asia including UCLA and Korea University.

He has an B.S. in Pharmacy and MBA from the University of Iowa and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University.