Stress Management Resources

Stressors are high today. It’s becoming too much, there are resources you can find to help.

Personal Stories: Our Thinking Can Cause Stress

“What? Me Worry” Favorite Saying of Alfred E. Newman, Mad Magazine

I’m an overthinker. I do it without thinking about it, and it happens a lot at night. Most nights, I can’t sleep right away because my thoughts are redoing everything I did during the day—this article focus on this problem and how to avoid and control excessive overthinking. If not controlled, overthinking can become a chronic problem but with practice and determination, and patience, one can fully control it. According to the article, one way is to “cultivate a little psychological distance by generating other interpretations of the situation, which makes your negative thoughts less believable.” It comes down to thinking about other things, and it helps to write down the thoughts that cause worry and include solutions. Jesus Rivera

To be perfectly honest, 2020 has been a stressful year for me. With everything that’s going on, some days are harder to deal with than others. The main issue that contributes to my stress level is not being in control of the situation. One thing that’s helped me get through the harder days is meditating and breathing properly. I recently watched an episode of this show called Goop, that featured this amazing breathwork exercise. Not only can this help you manage stress, but it gets your blood flowing and really puts “mind over matter” to fruition Brett Brennan

Connecting With People and Services

Source U.S. Centers For Diseases Control article called, “Coping With Stress.”

Written Resources

Star, Katharine (2019). How To Stop Worrying, VeryWellMind.

Oppong, Thomas (2019). Psychologists Explain How To Stop Overthinking Everything. Medium. According to the article, “Overthinking can lead to serious emotional distress and increase your risk of mental health problems.”

HelpGuide (n.d.) Stress Management. This article has several different techniques people the have helped people reduce stress.

Meditation at Work

European Business Review (2023). Meditation in the Workplace: A Guide to Benefits and Integration


Universal New Network (2023). Crafting Your Own Meditation App: Exploring the Best 10 Apps and Tips for Triumph

Training Slides

According to Mayo Clinic, one of the first steps is to learn what causes stress. You have to know the root of the problem and then know how to proceed.

Access the following .pdf files. They will help you with the stress reduction worksheet.

The one below addresses stresses at work. Data is a little old, but it’s doubtful the numbers have gotten any better.

Stress Mgt-Stress at Work

The file below looks at symptoms (physical, intellectual, environmental & emotional) symptoms and causes for different types of symptoms you can experience.

Stress Mgt-Symptoms

Finally, you can also access the worksheet below

Stress Reduction Plan Worksheet

Talk an Online Course on Meditation To Dial Down Stress

Work Skills For the 21st Century