The Quest For Wisdom: The Journey Starts Here


Four Videos Describing the Nature of Wisdom

Logic is not enough. Critical thinking will not get you there. There are other mental mental processes important when it comes to the development of wisdom.

 These are processes not commonly studied and rarely, taught in the university despite their importance to both individuals and society.  


Wisdom is such a rare and yet such a valuable ability. Considered a gift from the gods in some cultures, it can be built over time if one learns The Essence of Wisdom.

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Module 1: The Nature of Wisdom — What It is and What It Isn’t


Time: 11:11

It pretty clear–powerful and rich are rarely wise. Sadly, those who have power and money typically do not use either of these wisely. And you boss is not much better. But if you take the time to develop this scare mental ability, your stock in the world to the people you care about than owning big time shares in a large corporation.

These video covers:

  •  Different illustrations and stories on how wisdom works in the practical world
  • Different definitions (after all, this is not accounting)
  • The most likely source of this sought after mental ability (you can’t blame mom and dad for not having it)

Module 2: Where Wisdom and Be Found and Where It Can’t


Time: 9:39

Let’s face it, many people who desire it, and spend their time looking for it in all the wrong places. Don’t laugh, it happens.  A lot. For example, do you think it can be  found in:

  • Those with a high IQ,
  • Those with many degrees,
  • The talking heads on radio and television,
  • Books in the  library,
  • Centers of learning such as the the university,
  • Therapists,
  • Religious leaders,
  • CEO’s, and
  • Political leaders.

In some respects, wisdom is like happiness; a large number chase it for their entire lives but it continually eludes them. Indeed, if they have found wisdom, they would know how to be happy.

Module 3: Learning Wisdom Three Classic Methods


Time: 19:15

Learn a method based on the writings  of one of the world’s greatest sages — Confucius.

Experience. Sad to say, the common man rarely learns from experience. Big mistake. You should laugh at someone who says experience by itself is valuable. Experience teaches us little without reflection. Do not be like the masses who like to say they have, “Twenty years of experience (meaning one year of learning followed by 19 years of mindlessness repetition). “

Reflection. A key learning method missing from Western universities. Not practicing reflection is a big reason you don’t learn from experience.

Imitation.  Modeling is one of the three essential learning methods in the behavioral school of psychology. It is a much better method of learning than experience for a number of reasons.

You will also find  four other individuals who have wise words for us along with two application exercises.

Module 4: Helpful Mental Processes


Time: 26:26

This video focuses on the mental processes you will never learn about in a university classes. It’s why wisdom something that won’t be developed by writing a paper on it. They include:

Intuition. Actually, there are two types. Believe it or not, we often decide based on feelings and then justify based on logic.

Insight. It’s not what they are saying, it’s what they aren’t saying that is important. It’s what you don’t know is important. After all, it’s the missing pieces that are the most important to find.

Foresight.  It’s not whether you can solve the crisis, it’s whether you can prevent the crisis from occurring in the first place.  A huge number of people lack this. Powerful people like heads of state can’t see much beyond tomorrow.

Dream Interpretation. Most psychologist believe dreams are messages from the unconscious. You know, that part of the mind that we typically blow off every day since most say, “I don’t remember my dreams.” In many cultures, those who interpret dreams are considered wise.

Understanding of Myths. These type of myths contain hidden truths that are embedded in the story. Some of these myths are timeless–the get retold to each generation. This are important stories indeed. We will discuss the implications of the mythic story of Narcissus.

Ability to Tell Great Stories. People love stories much more than they like facts and stats. The ability to construct teaching stories on the fly is a great on. Not only as a means of teaching, but as a method for changing someone without them becoming defensive.

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