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Advantages of On-Site Workshops

We bring the Instructor to You

Public seminars make since when you have a few people needing training. However, when organizations have ten or more participants, it often makes sense to bring the instructor on-site.

Consistency of Message Delivery

Sometimes the first challenge is to get everyone reading from the same page so to speak.

Supports Learning

In the cohort model, you have put together a vertical group, say a department head and direct reports. The advance of this approach the module supports group norm change, peer pressure works for you, not against you.

You Want to Have a Development Side to Knowledge.

In other words, there are specific assignments which need to be done that support the learning.

Modularized Program Construction

You can take individual seminars, choose some of the series or do the entire series.

Choice of Assignments

Each program comes with built in assignments one can use to apply key concepts.

Delivery Options For On-Site Workshops

Again, this provides larger organizations a consistency and scalable of learning which can be very important.

Individualized Coaching.

We have a number of very skilled coaches who can help specific individuals execute.

Customized Delivery

Some clients prefer an off-the shelf approach. Others want flexibly to deliver specific content. One-day programs normally have more one-days of material. One can combine specific classes.

Content Licensing

Content can be licensed.

Train the Trainer

For large organizations, it can be more cost effective to use internal resources and instructors.

The easiest way to change many people’s behavior is to change the behavior of their manager

For Available Information on Seminars

Legacee has detailed descriptions for the each of the one-day on-site workshops. These include:

    • A Workshop Description
    • List of Topics Covered
    • Learning Objectives
    • Number of Handouts
    • Sample Assignments

Samples of Content

We have sample content so you can get an understanding of the nature of these seminars.


We also value the formation of a long-term relationship which means that it’s important to understand your outcomes.

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