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Digital Marketing Skills: What’s in Demand Among Employers

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We thought you might be interested in scanning through a set of articles about digital marketing, and the skills you need. You will be able to get a good picture of what experts get paid.

Marketing Dive: Digital Marketing Skills Are In Demand: What Recruiters are Looking For

The article makes the case that demand is going up but supply is unable to keep up. Bad news for employers, good news for employees.

Patel: The 9 Digital Marketing Skills in Demand Right Now

A 2016 article captures the key roles in the field. First on the list: SEO.  Last on the list: UX design coming in at number 9.

SmartInsights: 2016 Marketing Hiring Trends

As you can imagine, an article with lots of stats; typically capturing what happened in 2015.

Marketing Profs: The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills in 2017

A comprehensive picture on where the jobs are. For example, digital marketing is about 3x as much in demand as traditional marketing. You also see the breakout by creative skills.

Mashable: Fifteen Essential Skills All Marketing New Hires Must Have

This article is not about flashy facts and stats, it is about getting advice from fifteen experts on one skill you really gotta have.

Digital Marketing Institute: The Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills of 2015

What makes this article different is that besides listing the hot roles, it provides a list of quick tips on how to “kickstart” your career for that role

Digital Marketing Institute: What Do Today’s Digital Employers Look For

The focus here is on certain icebreaker attributes that can help one to stand out during an interview.

American Marketing Association: Seven Skills You Need

This article lists seven major skill areas one needs.

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